Best online app

What teleconferencing app is best for online counselling?

There are many conferencing software providers on the internet. Each serve a specific market and clientele. The two main ones are Skype and Zoom.

We may also use other teleconferencing solutions from time to time.

Skype or Zoom

To support the security of your personal information this practice suggests the use of Skype. Why Skype? According to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners there is currently no evidence to suggest that Skype is unsuitable for clinical use (RACGP Telehealth video consultations guide, accessed 14 April 2020). 

In general terms, Skype is best for individuals and small companies. Skype also have Skype for business that provides professional online meeting solutions for larger businesses and enterprises. Zoom provides an alternative to Skype. The choice is yours, Skype or Zoom. You may wish to check out (accessed 29/3/20). We include setup procedures for both:

Click here for Skype installation and setup.

Click here for Zoom installation and setup.

Click here to send us an email to answer any questions you may have about online counselling or other enquiry.

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